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    投注账号注册‘How do you like them?’ he asked, as the butler helped himself. ‘Some people think they’re too strong, but they suit me down to the ground. Like strong whiffs, only without the cigar flavour. I won’t keep you a moment. It’s just about that bag of M. Boirac’s you took to the Gare du Nord last Tuesday. Tell me, were you followed to the station?’


    ‘I’m back again, M. Thomas,’ he said, as they greeted one another. He explained what had been learned about the casks at the Gare St. Lazare, continuing, ‘So you see, two must have been sent out. Now, can you give me any information about the sending out of the second cask?’
    It was past ten when his preparations were complete, and he was not sorry when he was free to go home to supper and bed.
    ‘Quite so, Lefarge. That is undoubtedly a possibility. There are others, Fran?ois, the butler, for example, into whose actions we must inquire. The possibility of Madame’s having had some former lover must not be forgotten either. But I think we should make up our minds about these two men before we go farther afield.’


    1.‘Ah,’ returned the superintendent, smiling, ‘now I come to something that will interest you. The cask we have just spoken of was sent out on the evening of the 30th ult. But I find another cask was despatched three days later, on the 1st instant. It also was addressed to M. Felix at the same London address and sent in by Messrs. Dupierre. It was labelled via Rouen and the I. and C. Company’s boat. It went by goods train that night, and I will get our Rouen agent to try and trace it, though, as he would have had no reason to remark it, I doubt if he will be able to do so.’
    2.Burnley handed them over and they went to the luggage bureau. Lefarge’s card had a magical effect, and in a very few minutes the sacking-covered barrel had been found and loaded on to the cart. Lefarge instructed the driver.
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